No time like now!

Finally, nearly 10 years after gaining the title of “TBI Survivor”, which by the way I DISLIKE (see home page for my reasoning) and after having many people asking me when I would share my story I have decided to do so in the form of a blog. As I am writing this I find myself learning yet another lesson: the time will never be just right, and it will pass anyway. I am finding this out the hard way, because I have been making excuses and procrastinating about starting this organization and even blog for many reasons, but most of all because I didn’t feel like I was good enough, had not accomplished enough, didn’t know how or know where to start and whatever other self limiting beliefs and thoughts I had and on occasion still find creeping in my head about myself… The only difference is I know what to do with that garbage now! So now, just like the shoes, I say JUST DO IT!

Through my life experiences this far I have learned I will fail and fail often, but all that means is I need to try again! One of my favorite sayings is fall down 7 times stand up 8, what that means is like my good friend and fellow TBI THRIVER AlexIs Vazquez says …:::Never Give Up:::…

One thing I am sure that I have learned during this time is that my life has changed on more than one occasion and sometimes the changes have been BIG and sometimes they are small and subtle changes, but in the end CHANGE has always remained constant.

Now after the so called “ups and downs” I have gone through or my own experiences with change, I have come to embrace and expect change.


This meme really illustrates the bottom line about change

ups and downs

While this meme provides an answer of what to do with the inevitable, CHANGE!


We must ALL learn to figuratively surf the waves of life!

I have a lot more to write but am feeling a bit all over the place and will leave it for future blog posts, so until next time my friends remember each and every moment you have alive is special and a miracle so my challenge to you is to embrace this special miracle and CREATE AN AWESOME DAY!!!

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