My name is Daniel Yair Johnson,

In 2005 at the age of 19 I survived an automobile accident where I acquired a Traumatic Brain Injury. After spending 1 month in a coma, 2 months on life support and over 100 days in 3 different hospitals I was finally sent home in a wheelchair after being told “I had reached my peak” and the “doctors and therapists had done all that they could do for me”. At first, I took this a bit hard and felt as if I was being rejected and was not good enough, but this marked a critical point in my recovery as I quickly realized it was up to me to start taking responsibility and continue my rehab process on my own for myself.

My journey began in the gym with the help of my parents to drive me and a walker to get around. At this time I could not find any resources to guide me and this is the primary reason I am creating this organization, website and community: to provide information, videos, advice, and most importantly a sense of community. Remember I have been there myself I can assure you that this will make recovery that much easier and faster for all involved in the future!

Here is a short video timeline of my own personal journey back.